The Career Platform

Integrated, online and always accessible:

  • Enhanced, relevant and industry leading curriculum
  • Modern video eLearning
  • Teaches students the critical skills to be an effective job seeker and a steward of their future
  • Native content customization
  • Networking capabilities with students throughout your university – in different majors, etc. as well as with professionals in your industry through experiential learning.
  • Broad reach to all students at the university.
  • Ability for students to access partners to help them in their career journey.

Student Portal:

The Student Portal is the hub of information that the student gathers about themselves in their career journey. This profile will help paint a 360 degree view of the student – academically, personally, with supporting assessments to help the student find their RIGHT career.

  • Student’s see progress made throughout.
  • Achievements, Assessment outcomes, badges, etc.
  • Students see progress throughout TCP – including achievements, assessments, etc.
  • Visuals of assessment outcomes are easily viewed for the student to help them hone in on their skills.
  • Students can connect socially directly from their Profile page to share information or to help gather information in their career journey

Branded for your institution, The Career Platform scales to fit any size school and is flexible enough to incorporate all that you desire in a career services solution. It also provides you with access to all information about how students are progressing in their career curriculum and whether they have achieved employment in a job relevant to their chosen discipline.

Student Benefits:

  • Student profile, including career aspirations,
    location preferences, etc.
  • Progress towards completion of career
    readiness curriculum.
  • Progress towards employment, including
    history of job interviews, applications, etc.
  • Time spent in each module.

Institutional Benefits:

  • Number of students on TCP.
  • Summary of progress in each module.
  • Summaries by school, major, degree type, etc.
  • Summarized data on employment results of
  • Time spent in TCP.

The Education to Career Gap Challenge

“83% of graduating seniors said they didn’t have a job lined up as of April 2014, despite 72.7% reporting that they were actively looking for one.”

SOURCE: Digest of Educational Statistics: National Center for Education Statistics: National Postsecondary Student Aid Study; team analysis

More and more, we see well educated college graduates finding a job, but are they finding the ‘right’ career for them? Our institutions are preparing students academically, but do they have the right skills for the job force? According to a McKinsey survey (Aug-Sept 2012), 42% of employers believe students are prepared for the job market, while 72% of academic institutions believe that students are prepared.

Despite increased cost of attending college, career preparation focus for all students remains a challenge

  • Employers remain challenged as millions of open jobs are unfilled
  • Graduates often returning home as they search for career opportunities
  • Constituents asking if college is worth it

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"It’s time for higher education and the “real world” of employers to start working together to meet the demand for 11 million skilled workers in the US."

Bill Gates