Peter Van Tienen – SVP, Business Development

Peter Van TienenI have been working in the education space for the last 25+ years. I have seen first hand how technology has affected learning and changed the industry. I spent 11 years at Seneca College in Canada focusing in educational technology. I then jumped onboard a startup called Blackboard in 2000 and enjoyed helping institutions adopt learning technologies as they transitioned from tools to enterprise solutions. In 2006 I worked with a small group in Tasmania to bring a content management platform to North America, which was then acquired by Pearson in 2010. We grew that company by sheer passion to help students gain better access to content, to help faculty to access over 1 million open education resources and help institutions connect that content to their specific learning objectives. It’s really exciting to now join the Purposely team and bring a cloud based solution to the career services world. To help institutions reach a much broader audience and help students find their career path. I look forward to looking back on the positive impact The Career Platform can have on student’s lives.