New Product Release

Purposely, Inc. announced today the release of the latest version of The Career Platform, its college to career application and curriculum. The Career Platform is available to students at 40 universities and colleges in the United States and Canada.  Primary new features include:

  • A completely revised and improved user interface,
  • Faster and easier connections to social media and related career-focused stories,
  • Improved access and usability on mobile devices,
  • Further refinement of branding options for client colleges and universities,
  • Updated student dashboard to track progress through the curriculum,
  • A streamlined approach to achieving Career Readiness certificates for students.


“We are excited to offer students a host of improvements that will make the career readiness learning experience they enjoy on The Career Platform considerably better,” said Purposely CEO Steve Giusto. “We will also be introducing a direct to consumer version of The Career Platform later in the spring.”


Purposely will be presenting and demonstrating its latest upgrade at the ASU/GSV summit in San Diego April 18-20. To follow the summit go to #asugsvsummit.


About Purposely and The Career Platform

Founded in 2014, Purposely, Inc. develops and licenses The Career Platform.  The Career Platform is an online curriculum and set of career readiness tools that assist career aspirants in learning about and executing a focused career search aimed at identifying the careers and employers where they are most likely to enjoy a purposeful career. Purposely serves colleges and universities representing over 500,00 students in both the United States and Canada. Learn more about Purposely and The Career Platform at



Stephen Giusto, CEO