Amy Thompson – SVP, Strategy & Operations

Amy 250 x 250 Amy has over 18 years of higher education experience in enrollment, student & faculty support, and operations. Prior to Purposely, she worked at Apollo Group / University of Phoenix since 1997. She led numerous key initiatives at the University and Apollo Group, and demonstrated a proven ability to create the growth and operational efficiencies needed to achieve success.

Most recently, she led the overall project that restructured University of Phoenix’s organization to a college-based model, implemented innovating service model design, which drove the development and implementation of a new CRM system to support this new world.

Amy also oversaw all business operations and on- going services for partner institutions at Apollo’s subsidiary, Apollo Education Services. Through this work, Amy helped design an innovative, operationally effective and efficient process that is patent pending at the US Patent Office.

Further, she served as Vice President for the Strategic Initiatives Division where she over- saw all areas of operations, including enrollment, strategic relationships and daily operations for more than 850 employees in 11 different departments. She has been responsible for adopting and leading several start-up initiatives, creating growth, operational efficiencies and providing support and resources to set these teams up for success.

In her role at Purposely, Amy is responsible for developing, maintaining and growing our partner relationships for all of Purposely’s products.

Amy attended Arizona State University and earned her bachelor’s degree in business administration and MBA from University of Phoenix. She also served as adjunct faculty for University of Phoenix teaching undergraduate and graduate-level courses in management.